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CareerMe is a career choice analysis system, offering a powerful tool for people seeking answers for their career choices and dilemmas. Through a short & easy to use, yet sophisticated & research tested questionnaire, you will discover your personal tendencies, skills and domains of interests and consequently, receive accurate career recommendation and make the most accurate career choice for you.

Answer a few personal (yet anonymous) questions. View your personal results in professional charts and graphs, analyzing your personal traits and professional tendencies.  As an option, you may invite your friends to boost and enhance the reliability of your results by offering their independant opinion and answering a few short and fun questions. Compare the results of your self reporting with your friends' point of view.

Why us?

A combination of a researched & validated model with an advanced designed and fun interface, turns CareerMe into a highly easy-to-use, accessible and available service. Our short test presents the user elaborated results within minutes. Unlike other platforms aiming at counseling for a career choice, Our model is based on the user’s preferences which reflect your tendencies and personality traits. Ultimately, we offer you a full, professional report with the highest value-for-money proposition.

Our Model

CareerMe uses a psychological test which is partially based on the well-validated and commonly-used Holland's test. Combined with a well-designed user interface, CareerMe requires little effort and time. Answer only a few fun questions and receive highly validated and professional career choice consultancy. The CareerMe test results enable the user to better understand his or her personal preferences, interests, skills and tendencies, thus leading the way to make decisions based on diversified and elaborative data.

The classification is done to one of 6 major personality types (Structural, Humanistic, Investigative, Expressive, Leader and Doer), after which a more specific analysis is done resulting in a 3-letters personality type reflecting the major personal tendencies of the user. Later on, another cross-analysis is performed, enabling the user to better differentiate their strengths and weaknesses regarding their personality, skills and interests in every field. In the next phase the system presents to the user the professions which best fit him or her, and on the contrary - those professions which are a misfit. 


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