Success needs a plan

About CareerMe

In modern era our personal identity derives profoundly from our professional identity. Nevertheless, both academy and the work-market use traditional and out of date tools and methods, in supporting people seeking for well-being and self-fulfillment. Vocational (job seeking) choice becomes one of the most crucial questions people will ever ask. Current job choices and placements are usually based on mistaken and inaccurate personal assumptions, desires and goals.

CareerMe is a career choice web-based app, offering a powerful tool for people seeking answers for their vocational choices and dilemmas. Through a short & easy to use, yet sophisticated & research tested questionnaire, one can discover his personal tendencies, skills and domains of interests and consequently, receive accurate career recommendation and make the most accurate career choice.

At the same time, it offers a variety of potential services such as job matching both for employers and job seekers, matching training centers and services with employees to be.

Unlike most vocational choice and consultancy web services, whose primary data relays on user's self-report (hence biased and inaccurate), CareerMe uses a psychological test based on the well-validated and common-used Holland's test. Combined with a well-designed state of the art UI, CareerMe requires little effort and time (again, unlike other similar web psychological test and consultancy services). The target market is both the pre-career potential employees (early 20s) and mid-life employees seeking for change (early to late 40’s).

Researches show the work market is changing constantly and rapidly. Most of our assumptions as individuals regarding the market are inaccurate, biased and effected by irrelevant variables. At the same time, career models are changing and instead of the traditional career path, other fluctuated, diversified and less steady career paths are becoming common. While labor shifted dramatically in the past 70 years from production to service and more "white collar" jobs, career cycles shortened to 8 years on average, and frequent changes became standard. With the anticipated automation and robotic changes in the global workplace, careers and career choices will increasingly be centered around fulfilment and life satisfaction, rather than on survival.

Meta-analysis of the data collected by the system may be used to map, understand and plan work force on large scales.

The value proposition for end-user is high. The system offers a full and complete report for a low price, which can replace consultancy services priced much higher.

For employers the system will offer a direct, non-mediated access to enormous number of candidates, who better fit the position they are seeking and for the company leading values. The latter apply even more on mass recruit processes.